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Course Instructors

Mrs. Toms is the technical director of GasTOPS Inc. With more than 25 years as a chemistAllison Toms – Mrs. Toms is the technical director of GasTOPS Inc. With more than 30 years as a chemist, Allison has extensive knowledge and experience in machinery condition assessment including her position as the Chief Chemist and Physical Science Dept. Head for the DOD Joint Oil Analysis Program Technical Support Center (JOAP-TSC) and as the former co-founder of Lubrication & Fluid Power Inc. She has performed and published development and application work on evaluation of hydraulic fluid particle counting; evaluation and comparison of scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) for filter debris analysis, wear chip analysis and in-line wear debris sensing; monitoring techniques for degraded oil in aircraft; and pioneered FT-IR for laboratory oil analysis. Her algorithms are utilized for laboratory FT-IRs and on-line IR oil sensors. Mrs. Toms work in used-oil infrared analysis represents a milestone in condition monitoring. Allison has published numerous articles and training materials. Mrs. Toms has published numerous articles and training materials. She is the co-author of Machinery Oil Analysis – Methods, Automation & Benefits: A Guide for Maintenance Managers, Supervisors & Technicians, 3rd edition.  Ms. Toms is the Chair of the STLE Florida Section, an STLE Editorial Director and an instructor for the STLE Condition Monitoring 202 Training Course.